leave for your descendants what you wish your ancestors had left for you


Do you have an extraordinary family history, or does someone in your family have an amazing life story that you would like documented?

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Our company mascot is the strong, intelligent, gentle, elephant. Within a herd of elephants, mothers protect, nurture, and care for the young of each other. They also mourn the loss of their elderly. A herd of elephants may be composed of several generations, learning from each other and sharing knowledge passed-down through a close and loving lineage.

What people say

Dr Jordan, Thank you for telling our family's story in such a sensitive compelling and enjoyable manner. My children never knew all of the fascinating details surrounding their grandfather's life. The kids now have a new interest and pride in their family.
linda kogen
President, Kogen Development Corporation
Dear Bob, On behalf of my sisters and brother's I want to thank you for telling our mother's story in such a warm, funny and informative way. The surprise ending with mom singing a lullaby to one of us was a splendid way to end the biography. Needless to say, we shed tears of joy many times throughout the story. Bravo!
josh hoyt
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights